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  • A new look (and features) for Labguru

    March 5, 2013

    Congratulations to our colleagues at BioData who today pushed a significant upgrade to Labguru, a web-based app that helps scientists better manage their research and more broadly, their lab.

    The upgrade features a new, more minimalist, organised interface, providing easier access to the following features:

    • Simpler menus and navigation, enabling users to keep track of their location deep within projects or documents. 
    • A live feed of the lab’s work to encourage deeper awareness of colleagues’ research and opportunities to collaborate or share knowledge.
    • A prominent whiteboard for sharing important messages with the entire lab.
      An improved project view enhances scientific thinking, not just efficient experiment planning.
    • A more comprehensive storage module to help everyone quickly locate and track items in the lab. 
    • Streamlined experimental protocol editing, archiving, and syncing with the free bench-side iPad app. This works for both custom protocols and preloaded ones from the journal Nature Protocols and vendors such as New England Biolabs, Sigma Life Science, and Luminex.
    • Bulk tagging and organization tools for lab inventory, helping the lab buy supplies on-time and avoid duplicate orders. Labguru also has a built-in catalog of more than 800,000 products to simplify tracking inventory digitally. 
    Labguru 2 Dashboard

    For more on the release, see the press release or visit Labguru’s web site. Already a Labguru user? We’d love to hear what you think.