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Video, links from Monday’s App Slam at SpotOn London

14th November 2012
By Kaitlin Thaney

At Digital Science, we work to develop software internally as well as support other scientific startups working to craft tools to enable more efficient research through better use of technology. We have a keen interest in scientific software, and wanted to open up the floor to the SpotOn London attendees this past Monday to hear about tools they were developing to help researchers or ones they find especially useful in circumnavigating a problem.

Following an open call, we selected nine projects and tools for the App Slam, and invited a representative from each on stage to tell us more for 5 minutes. To help frame the session, we set four categories for submissions based on the tool’s target area for application: literature review, experimentation, analysis and measurement and finally publication and dissemination.

Video for the session is now up, which you can access here. Working on an app or use one in your day-to-day work that helps with your research that you don’t see here? We’d love to hear about it. Leave a note in the comments or drop us a line at

And if you’d like more information about the tools shown and/or presenters, check out the links below.

Literature Review:
F1000 Prime – Rebecca Lawrence (@F1000);
Colwiz – Dina Fejes (@dinafejes, @colwiz);
Grokk – Chris Rohde </p>

Scrazzl – David Kavanagh (@dkavanagh, @scrazzl);
Wikipathways – Chris Evelo (@Chris_Evelo)

Anaylsis and Measurement:
Emotion Sense – Neal Lathia (@neal_lathia);
BRISSKit – Jonathan Tedds (@jtedds)

Publication and Dissemination:
Figshare – Mark Hahnel (@Figshare);
Altmetric – Euan Adie (@stew, @altmetric)

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