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Stockholm University partner with Figshare on research data management

16th December 2014
By Katy Alexander

Figshare are proud to announce Stockholm University as the first Swedish customer of their research data management platform Figshare for institutions. The partnership expands figshare’s global portfolio onto the continent, hot on the heels of their recent announcements with Loughborough University in the UK and Monash University in Australia.

Stockholm University is one of Europe’s leading research institutions specialising in science, law, social science and humanities. With many Swedish and European funders mandating Open Access to publications, Stockholm University are taking the initiative and proposing to extend the policy to a wider array of research outputs such as datasets, media and software code. Stockholm University, have embraced the Open Access movement with the 2014 launch of OA journal Stockholm University Press and are looking to be ahead of the game on open access to research data.

“Research outputs are not just limited to publications. Following the European Commission’s lead Stockholm is looking to better account for and manage the impact of all of the research generated here at Stockholm. Figshare is a great fit for this which allows us to have a system in place much faster and more economically than trying to build our own system out from scratch” – Wilhelm Widmark, Library Director

Figshare for institutions can integrate with a variety of data storage solutions such as the RDSI in Australia, local institutional storage or deep archiving services such as Arkivum. Stockholm University have opted to use out-of-the-box Figshare storage in partnership with Amazon, this makes implementation simple for the institution with no impact on their existing infrastructure or resources. Using Amazon also gives Stockholm University the ability to scale their storage with minimal effort and through more economic rates brokered through figshare’s existing arrangement.

As the partnership is the first implementation in Europe the Figshare team will also be engaging with the Stockholm University staff and researchers in a series of workshops, aimed at better understanding their needs and ensuring Figshare for institutions meets all their requirements. The Figshare team have several years of experience handling research data and not only provide a best-in-class research data management platform but also a consultancy service to ensure initial adoption of the system, on-going promotion, advocacy programs and metrics to measure success.

To find out more about more about the partnership and Figshare for institutions please get in touch with Figshare via or via twitter, facebook or google+.


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