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Timo Hannay’s Reddit AMA: 11th December

10th December 2014
By Katy Alexander

reddit-ama-timoThe Reddit Ask me Anything forum is becoming an incredibly popular way to ask those of note, questions you wouldn’t normally get a chance to.

Last week’s seismic #scishare announcement from Nature Publishing Group and Digital Science has caused a lot of excitement, but also some questions and misunderstandings, which we have been trying hard to address – read Timo Hannay’s blog post here and Nicko Goncharoff’s here.

So we thought it would make sense for Timo to take part in another ask me anything on the science subreddit– so you can do exactly that – ask him anything about the announcement (or you may want to know something else, like what he wants for Christmas…)

So, please do join Timo tomorrow at 6pm UK time and 1pm EST. Come prepared with questions too!

If you wish to participate in the Ask me Anything forum, you will need to register with Reddit. We will also try to live-tweet some of the conversations, so keep your eyes peeled on the #scishare hashtag.


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