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Our Ada Lovelace Day Panel Is Announced – Join Us on the 14th October in London #WiSTEMspotlight

25th September 2015
By Katy Alexander


Spotlight stamp
We hope you will join us on the 14th October from 6.30pm at our London HQ for our third Spotlight event, a free evening of talks discussing issues around women in STEM, including pizza, wine, beer and nibbles.

This event is part of a series hosted by Digital Science to celebrate Ada Lovelace Day and will look at: Bridging the Gender Gap – How Men Can Be Allies for Women in STEM.

We are thrilled to have the following all-star panel lined up to discuss these issues:


Mariette DiChristina

As editor in chief and senior vice president, Mariette DiChristina oversees Scientific American,, Scientific American Mind and all newsstand special editions. She is the eighth person and first female to assume the top post in Scientific American‘s 170-year history. Under her leadership, the magazine received a 2011 National Magazine Award for General Excellence and many other awards.

Twitter: @mdichristina



Elizabeth Gibney

Elizabeth joined Nature as a physical sciences reporter in 2013, after working for Times Higher Education and UK-based science policy publications Research Fortnight and Research Europe. Before that she spent two years as a staff writer at CERN, Europe’s high-energy physics laboratory. Elizabeth has a degree in natural sciences from the University of Cambridge and a MSc in science communication from Imperial College London.

Twitter: @lizziegibney


Jonathan Eisen

Jonathan A. Eisen is a Professor at the University of California, Davis. Research in his lab focuses on the “phylogenomics of novelty” in microbes. Jonathan is also a keen blogger with a focus on evolution, ecology of microbes, genomes & open science. His lab blog is and you can find his TED talk here

Twitter: @phylogenomics

GeoffGeoff Alan Goss 

Dr Geoff Alan Goss is a Senior Lecturer in Dynamics at the School of Engineering, London South Bank University. Delivers lectures in analytical aspects of engineering subject areas to Mechanical Engineering students. Researcher in nonlinear dynamics/mathematical theory of elasticity and in history of Prosthetics/rehabilitation technology. Has experience of course directorship for full and part time students in BEng hons Mechanical Engineering and Foundation Degree in Clinical Technology.





Buddhini Samarasinghe

Dr. Buddhini Samarasinghe earned her PhD from the University of Glasgow and she did a postdoc at the University of Hawaii working in Cancer research, specializing in cellular signaling pathways. When she is not lending her mind to cancer research, she is writing for her blog, Jargon Wall. Buddhini is also the founder of STEMWomen.

Twitter: @DrHalfPintBuddy


Julia Shaw

Dr. Julia Shaw is a senior lecturer and researcher in Criminology at London South Bank University. Her research aims to prevent miscarriages of justice by focusing on memory-related areas such as rich false memories, false confessions, and police interviewing. In addition to her teaching and research, she consults as an expert on criminal cases, and delivers police-training and military workshops.

Dr. Shaw is also the author of “The Memory Illusion: Why you may not be who you think you are”, a book offering an in-depth exploration of how our memories can fail us and what it means for our sense of identity. The Memory Illusion will be published in 2016 with Penguin Random House and will be translated into 6 languages. Her work has been featured in outlets such as the Discovery Channel, the BBC, CNN World, Der Spiegel, Russia Today, New York Magazine, The Times, The Telegraph, NPR, and Pour le Science.


Phoebe ScriPhoebe.Scrivenven

Phoebe is a management consultant at Capgemini Consulting and specialises in designing how companies operate in an ever-digital world and for ever-digital consumers. Phoebe is committed to removing the barriers (real and presumed) around working in technology, which led her to join the board of Girls In Tech London. In the rest of her time, she is a board trustee for a disabilities charity, attempting to learn golf and enjoys running, skiing, and sailing.

Twitter: @phoebescriven


AWebb_LondonAlexis Webb (Moderator) 

Alexis received her PhD in neuroscience in 2010 and has spent the last 5 years postdoc-ing in Germany and the UK. As a chronobiologist, she’s interested in how organisms ensure proper timing of their development and daily physiology. She loves talking about ways to beat jet lag or how zebrafish embryos are going to help us understand how circadian rhythms develop. Her other passion is advocating for women in science. She’s an active participant in the London chapter of ScienceGrrl, and recently organized a panel on Feminism in Science at “SciFoo” Camp at Google in California.

Twitter: @lexbwebb

What will be discussed?

The evening will form an open discussion, but we really want to look at the following issues:

  • Women working in STEM – What is driving the slowing pipeline for women studying STEM subjects at university?
  • Sexism – Does sexism in STEM still exist and in what capacity? Are the comments from Nobel laureate Tim Hunt an accurate reflection of life in the lab for women today?
  • Female role models – The tech industry has very few female role models. We need more modern-day female role models, how do we get there?
  • Popular culture – What role does Hollywood and media play in stereotyping women in tech?
  • Looking towards the future – What does the future look like for women in STEM? What can men do to bridge the gap? What does it mean to be a “male ally”?

Here are some resources to whet your appetite:

  1. Teams with women are more productive, have a higher collective IQ, and achieve more. Teams with women have a broader perspective that results in the creation of products that serve a greater breadth of humanity. Women offer diversity, and diversity drives innovation.
  2. Women in Science – discusses the impact of women on science and what the landscape looks like currently
  3. Women in STEM – The Whitehouse series on the history of Women in STEM
  4. Voices Diversity Blog – Exploring and celebrating diversity in science
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