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Digital Science is Five Today!

7th December 2015
By Katy Alexander

Today marks Digital Science’s fifth birthday, and as we come to the end of yet another successful year, what better time to reflect on the great workforce we have globally! This year has also seen some exciting changes, particularly the appointment of our new Managing Director, Daniel Hook.

And nothing highlights our team spirit more accurately than the footage from our company retreat held earlier this year in Boston. Everyone at Digital Science and our portfolio companies came together in one location to discuss the future of our industry and business.

Our retreat this year was an extra notable event as it was the last one for Timo Hannay, our former Managing Director. We made sure that his thoughts about Digital Science have been captured on camera too!

This video gives you a small glimpse into what it’s like to work at Digital Science and we’d like to use this as an opportunity to thank everyone who has worked with us both in the past and in the now!

We hope you’ll enjoy watching – ideally over a slice of birthday cake!

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