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March For Science: Why Are You Marching?

19th April 2017
By Katy Alexander

This Saturday, 22nd April, we will see scientists and science supporters marching in cities all over the globe – all in the name of science. The March for Science is tipped to be the first step of a global movement to defend the vital role science plays in our society.

To show our support we gave away our popular “I Love Science” T-shirts for people to wear on the day. Supporters will be donning our T-shirts all over the world, from Madrid, to Cleveland, to Taiwan!  

Nature recently spoke with a collection of people around the world about their reasons for attending (or not attending) a March for Science event. We also asked our community, “Why are you marching?” Here’s what they had to say:

“Because of the critical need to support science and scientists at this point in time.”

“To show support for public funding for scientific research.”

“Because I want to show that scientists are real people and that we deserve respect.”

“To support the idea that science is vital for our future!”

“As a scientist, I need to make my voice heard and show my community that science matters!”

“Because the pursuit of knowledge should never be stopped.”


Are you planning to march? If so let us know why!

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