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#MissingTheMesse – Remembering the Frankfurt Book Fair

13th October 2020
By Guest Author
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Well, it’s that time of year again – Frankfurt time. If you’re in my neck of the woods, apples are in abundance, temperatures are dropping, and we’re being mildly assaulted by cinnamon brooms at local grocery stores.  If you’re in the southern hemisphere, hopefully you are appreciating the first flush of a beautiful spring. In any case, ‘tis the season for the Frankfurt Book Fair … but like most events in 2020, it’s not happening in person. Even if you’ve attended it only once, you’ll appreciate the unique combination of joy (reuniting with friends, inspiring meetings, double-scoop Mövenpick cones) and harm (lack of sleep, skipping meals, and astonishingly sore feet) the Frankfurt Book Fair delivers.

Speaking of harm + joy, the German word Schadenfreude was the inspiration for Digital Science’s #MissingTheMesse game and we’re hoping you’ll join in.

Here’s how it works:

  • Create a new compound German word by stringing together two or more standalone ones that communicate a sense of the Frankfurt Book Fair all us Messe veterans can relate to.  (Hint: Google Translate is your friend for this part.)
  • Tweet it alongside your English definition.
  • You can even go the extra mile and use it in a sentence or include a picture. Memes are welcome too.  Get creative and have fun with it!
  • Be sure to tag us @digitalsci plus the hashtags #MissingTheMesse and #FBM20 because we’re awarding first-place and runner-up goody bag prizes, and we don’t want to miss your tweet.

Here’s an example to get you going:

Treffenbierschlafen (meeting – beer – sleep) The non stop train of meetings followed by beer and then followed by a short sleep. It’s been non stop Tréffenbierschlafen, has anyone got any coffee? @digitalsci #MissingTheMesse #FBM20

Tag us for a chance to win a Digital Science goody bag including one of our awesome new mugs!

We’re very much looking forward to seeing what you can come up with. Please join us as we are #MissingTheMesse this year – at least we can have a little bit of fun while we all miss it together.

Betsy Donohue, Vice President, Publisher Business Development & Strategy

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