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We Love Science – Announcing Our Competition Winners

19th February 2021
By Suze Kundu

To celebrate Valentine’s Day, we asked our community why they love science. Congratulations to our winners, each of whom will receive a limited edition Digital Science face mask. Here’s a selection of their thoughts. Want to win one of your own? Follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about the latest news and future competitions!

#ILoveSciBecause it tells all the best stories: wonder, intrigue, heroes and love.

— Dr Leslie Almberg ? (@VOLCANOTEACHER) February 6, 2021

I love science because it is literally what makes the world go round, gives us the reason we wake up every day, and there is still so so much that we don’t yet know or understand

— Dr Daniel Morse (@danieljmorse) February 5, 2021

#ILoveSciBecause it makes the pupils at our school ask questions which are open ended, and so to get to think. It leads to a lifetime of better thinking, science or not.

— Dr Roo: Technician (@DrRoo01) February 5, 2021

Because it’s the greatest magic trick ever devised – infinite in its mysteries, twists, complexities, and beauty; and also the ability to improve our lives.

— Dragan Okanovic ? (@abstractalgo) February 5, 2021

#ILoveSciBecause it has the potential to bring diverse audiences together to answer questions that help to improve society for everyone. @digitalsci

— Sam Illingworth (@samillingworth) February 5, 2021

#ilovesciencebecause we wouldn’t have a COVID vaccine without it!

— Raminder (@RamindyB) February 11, 2021

#Ilovescibecause it changes and saves lives. Through science we achieve unity.

— İnżynier Ndolo (@IngNdolo) February 9, 2021

#ilovesciencebecause new discoveries and advances make our lives better!

— Renée A. Walsh (@reneedata) January 28, 2021

#ilovescibecause it plays a role in every aspect of our lives and yet we are only at the tip of iceberg in our understanding. It’s the ultimate puzzle. And there is nothing more exciting than trying to figure it out

— Claire Price (@red_dragon25) January 31, 2021

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