On the 7th of September, we hosted our Catalyst Grant event at our London headquarters. It was a night full of fascinating discussions and demonstrations from our three winners: Writefull, Simiary, and Etalia. We were delighted to welcome British entrepreneur, Brent Hoberman, the founder of and currently the force behind the Founders Forum, to give the keynote talk. From the Digital Science portfolio, John Hammersley, Overleaf co-founder, took to the stage to talk us through valuable lessons he has learnt whilst on his entrepreneurial journey.

Brent Hoberman keynote topics include:

  • The story behind the creation of and the many startups Brent has been a part of.
  • How Brent finds and nurtures talent.
  • How to acquire funding.
  • The future of tech.
  • Entrepreneurial tips and tricks.

Below is a recording of Brent’s talk: