We’re very excited to be part of Springer Nature’s next Launchpad Meetup on September 27th in Berlin.

Launchpad Meetups provide a platform for companies to connect with a plethora of startups in different stages of development within the European sphere. StartupAmsterdam and The Next Web created the event format ‘Launchpad Meetup’ in 2015 to help nurture new and innovative ideas.

When: Wednesday, September 27
14.00 – 17.00

WhereTBA, Berlin

Participating corporates create an innovation challenge which in turn provides the topic of the Launchpad Meetup. Participants apply for the meetup if they believe they can add value to the problem posed.

Springer Nature are focused on providing authors with the best publishing experience at every step of their research journey and are looking for tools and products  to better assist their authors and editors. Think you have an idea that can help them do this better? Apply for the meetup here and get the opportunity to share your ideas with SN’s senior management team.

Digital Science was built on innovative and disruptive ideas. We’re fully committed to staying heavily involved in the startup culture and in order to encourage and nurture young talent, we set up the Catalyst Grant. The Catalyst Grant is an international initiative to support the innovation of new software tools and technologies for research. The program supports and invests in early stage ideas in the novel use of information technology in research, with an award of up to £25,000 ($30,000) for the most promising ideas to aid science and further education research.

For this event, we are offering a 2,000 EUR grant for the winning startup along with the chance to be considered for our Catalyst Grant. Our next deadline is on the 31rst of December!