Jonathan Adams, Digital Science’s Chief Scientist, is speaking at the Vertigo Ventures Research Impact Event on Tuesday 27th January at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. The event is timely, giving an opportunity for research directors and impact officers a chance to review their strategies following the REF results last month. Jonathan, who is leading the Digital Science consultancy project to analyse over 6,000 REF impact case studies, will be speaking on the second panel discussion, the “Post-REF Results De-brief”, at 2.15pm.

If you have any questions you can send them to or you can join the debate on Twitter using the #VVimpact hashtag.

Following the announcement of the REF the event will provide an opportunity to discuss the infrastructure and resources needed to support with impact capture and planning. Many industry experts have been invited to share their best practice.

Topics of discussion will include:

  • Examples of what types of impact evidence can be stored and how.
  • Ideas of how organisations are using the REF results analysis to shape their organisation structure.
  • Examples of internal activities to mainstream impact and research information.