Scientific Data

On the 14th November, Scientific Data, Nature Publishing Group’s open access journal dedicated to scientific datasets, is running a free half-day conference in London designed to help early career researchers better their research by improving their data-related practices.

It is becoming increasingly clear, researchers who most effectively manage and disseminate their own data are the ones best placed to receive funding and are therefore more likely to get their work published.

This event will provide an opportunity for researchers to learn how to more efficiently write data-rich, high impact papers which have more chance of being published.

Part of the event will consist of demonstrations and discussions looking at the various tools available to researchers to help them with their data, for example
Figshare. The event is aimed at researchers covvering a broad range of academic fields, including life, medical, physical and social sciences.

Confirmed speakers include Phil Campbell, Editor-in-Chief of Nature, Mark Hahnel, founder of Figshare, and Susanna Sansone, University of Oxford and Honorary Academic Editor of Scientific Data.

The event is taking place on the 14th November from 1pm to 5.30pm at the Macmillan Science & Education Campus in King’s Cross, London.

There are 100 free tickets and you can sign up for your ticket and read the full event details here.