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Increase Your Opportunities to Acquire Research Funding with ÜberResearch

A demonstration of the world’s leading funding analysis system. Do you want to analyze your competitor’s R&D budget at an institutional level? A groundbreaking new funding database, Dimensions for Universities, can help you do just this. Developed by ÜberResearch, Christian Herzog will join us for a webinar where he will share his experiences of building portfolio analysis tools for science funders and show how research organizations can benefit from these developments.

  • Get key insights into where research funding is flowing to
  • Get key insights into your competitor’s R&D portfolios through funding patterns
  • Learn how to navigate funding through topic and concept searching

With Dimensions for Universities, research institutions get a glimpse into the future; to analyze their current collaborations and see what their competitors will produce in the coming years.

The Move Towards Institutional Portals for Research Object Management

Mark Hahnel, founder, Figshare and Dan Valen, product specialist, North America, figshare, will provide an overview of the applications for this solution. They will address how the cloud-based portal for research object management is being used by large and small institutions in North America, Europe and Australasia. Their talk will also cover implementation time, integration possibilities, data exchange and data citation.

Figshare for Institutions and Digital Curation – an Integral Part of the Evolution of the Library

The library at St. Edwards University, Austin, Texas, have just invested in Figshare for institutions as a next generation, cloud-based repository for the curation of digital humanities projects. Library Director Pongracz Senneyey will outline his vision and the drivers behind this strategic direction he and his colleagues have taken.

Keep an eye out for more upcoming webinars, including our own Digital Science webinar, “Articulating Research Impact – Strategies from Around the Globe”.