How do our research portfolios compare to our peers, globally?  How can we better plan research-related investments? How can we compare ourselves to peers and the global community? How can we reduce our administrative burden? 

These and many other questions often intersect with the need for research classification. Classifying both conducted and ongoing research is of high relevance for institution planning and analysis, and today it is approached in many different ways – from manual ‘stamping’ to highly sophisticated automatic approaches leveraging natural language processing and other technologies. 

Hoping to investigate some of these questions, ÜberResearch and CASRAI are pleased to announce a free webinar for research-performing organisations (universities, colleges, teaching hospitals, etc.) focusing on Research Classification. The intent of the webinar is for it to be an audience-driven session.

Date and Time: Thursday, April 29, 2014, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm (ET North American time)
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The session will provide an overview on different systems and use cases for research institutions, and on possible improvements to current approaches based on the experience of the ÜberResearch team – as input for a collaborative discussion.

Call for areas of focus - What are your priorities?

You can send questions, comments, or discussion points of interest before the webinar to or, and the content will be adapted to your priorities. The priorities can be related to a general question on classifying research, or about a specific project at your institution. As desired, questions/comments can be anonymous. 

You can find out more, including the webinar agenda, here.