The SpotOn London team have just announced that they have decided to make tickets to this year’s SpotOn London free!

Why you may ask?

First and foremost, this is a community event and they want as many people as possible to join.

This year, they are very lucky to have generous hosts in the Wellcome Trust who have donated the venue for the weekend and they also have some fantastic sponsors. This has enabled the team to cover some of the costs of this event – and Nature Publishing Group have decided to pick up the rest of the tab. They may not be able to do this every year, but this year they are – yey! So they would like to take this opportunity to thank their sponsors and hosts (which includes Digital Science) who have enabled them to do this:


BioMed Central is a STM (Science, Technology and Medicine) publisher of 258 peer-reviewed open access journals. The portfolio of journals spans all areas of biology, biomedicine and medicine and includes broad interest titles, such as BMC Biology and BMC Medicine alongside specialist journals, such as Retrovirology and BMC Genomics. All original research articles published by BioMed Central are made freely accessible online immediately upon publication.

PLOS (Public Library of Science) is a nonprofit publisher and advocacy organization with a mission of leading a transformation in scientific and medical research communication.

Frontiers is an academic publisher of peer-reviewed open access scientific journals currently active in science, technology, and medicine.


The Wellcome Trust is a global charitable foundation dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in human and animal health. Established in 1939, the Wellcome Trust is the largest non-governmental source of funds for biomedical research in the United Kingdom. Their breadth of support includes public engagement, education and the application of research to improve health.

Digital Science is a technology company serving the needs of scientific research. It offers a range of scientific technology and content solutions, from intelligent knowledge discovery tools to software applications for the laboratory and decision support systems for managers. Digital Science combines world-class technology with a resolute focus on scientists and those who support the research process. We believe passionately that tomorrow’s research will be different – and better – than today’s. Visit

Nature Publishing Group is a leading provider of scientific journals, magazines, products and services. NPG is dedicated to serving the scientific community and the wider scientifically interested general public. Visit 

What if you have already bought a ticket?

You will be refunded the full ticket price shortly after the conference.

How to get yourself a ticket

You can get your free ticket for the event here – which includes food and drink throughout the conference.

The final programme is now available here and you can stay tuned online using #solo14 and following @SpotOnLondon on Twitter.

They are also running two exciting fringe events with Pint Of Science and Science Showoff which you can read about here. Hope to see you there!