As of today, you can now view articles on in a new way. We’re proud to announce new functionality, brought to our sister company Nature Publishing Group by Labtiva, a Boston-based startup we recently announced our investment in. 

The tool comes in the form of a web reader that allows users to access content, in an editable, interactive form that you can sync to your ReadCube desktop application. The web reader also provides an integrated view of the supplementary information and associated News & Views, and functionality including direct links out to the literature with in-line references. 

This builds on Labtiva’s recently launched product ReadCube – a free, cross-platform desktop application that provides researchers with a better means of organising, accessing, and discovering literature in their field.

The ReadCube web reader is currently available on Scientific Reports, Nature and 18 Nature research journals: Nature Biotechnology, Nature Cell Biology, Nature Chemical Biology, Nature Chemistry, Nature Climate Change, Nature Communications, Nature Genetics, Nature Geoscience, Nature Immunology, Nature Materials, Nature Medicine, Nature Methods, Nature Nanotechnology, Nature Neuroscience, Nature Photonics, Nature Physics, Nature Protocols, and Nature Structural & Molecular Biology. ReadCube integration will be added to additional journals on over time. 

ReadCube’s integration with is only the beginning, with plans to extend their reach and availability to other content providers in the sciences in the future. Do stay tuned for future developments.

In the meantime, we hope you’ll give the web reader a try.

For more information on Labtiva or their product ReadCube, visit You can also read our official press release here.