You can now explore attention data for more than 10,000 study records, the world’s largest registry of clinical trials, is now being tracked by Altmetric who have begun to display a wealth of online attention paid to their clinical trial study records.

With registrations from about 200,000 trials from more than 170 countries in the world,  is operated by the United States National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the National Institutes of Health.  Since 2014 , online attention collected from Altmetric’s various sources have been matched to over 10,000 study records from, and each of these has its own Altmetric details page.

Screenshot of new Clinical Trials details page

Overview page of attention for clinical trial study record

This is an extremely exciting time for Altmetric as they introduce attention tracking for this new research output type.

Many Altmetric users are involved in clinical research and publication, so by adding support for will be incredibly valuable for that community. Groups including patients, researchers, healthcare professionals, regulators, and many others can now read the conversations and media coverage surrounding specific clinical trials, even before results have been published. 


To find out how to find attention data for study records, do check out the Altmetric blog with clear details and instructions.

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