logo-overleaf-600x200We’d like to announce today that Aries Systems, a solutions provider for scholarly publishers, has partnered with Overleaf

This new agreement between Aries Systems and Overleaf will allow authors to directly submit manuscripts created in the Overleaf platform to the thousands of scholarly journals that use Editorial Manager Ingest Service for online submission and peer review.

This partnership will simplify the submission process for authors while helping journals capture structured manuscript metadata and correctly compiled LaTeX files. Using the workflow capabilities of Editorial Manager, journals can send the manuscript back to the author to verify submission data, and capture missing information, before proceeding with peer review.

Overleaf is the third submission partner to recently announce an agreement with Aries to use the Editorial Manager “Ingest Service.” Tony Alves, Director of Product Management at Aries explains,

“The emergence of standards such as JATS and ORCID means that we can more effectively connect different parts of the scholarly ecosystem with peer review. We are delighted to be collaborating with Overleaf since their solution is appealing to scholarly authors, especially those writing in LaTeX. In due course we look forward to exploring other integration points beyond initial submission.”

Overleaf works with multiple publishers and journals to provide journal-specific templates for automated composition and integrated author guidelines; options for automated “built-in” pre-submission checks; and author technical support.

Mary Anne Baynes, Chief Marketing Officer at Overleaf adds,
“Overleaf already provides manuscript templates for several journals that use Editorial Manager. Enabling authors to directly submit to journals while minimizing web form filling is a big benefit. We encourage publishers to contact us about support for their template and pre-submission requirements.”

Overleaf will be presenting their solution at Aries Systems’ Annual Editorial Manager User Group Meeting to be held in Boston on June 18 & 19. For a copy of the agenda and to register, please click here.