At Digital Science, we work to make research more efficient through better use of technology. It’s a message we firmly believe in at our core and a reality many of us have experienced personally as scientists ourselves. The world of research has long been riddled with inefficiencies, be they technical or even social, each serving as a roadblock keeping us from doing better, more reproducible science.

Many a time, it’s not because the technology doesn’t exist – rather that it’s not been implemented or tailored to a researcher’s needs. To further explore that, we have produced a concept video looking at the possible benefit of repurposing a well-known piece of kit (in this case, a Microsoft Kinect) for use in a real laboratory setting. This is the first in an occasional series of concept videos, technologies and products that we’re not necessarily developing here at Digital Science, but rather using as a conversation starting to show the potential of everyday tools in modern day research.

The full video can be viewed here

Many thanks to my colleagues Laura Thomson, Steve Scott and Timo Hannay for their work on this video. Do stay tuned for future instalments, and let us know what you think either here in the comments or by e-mail. We’d love to hear your thoughts.