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Today see’s the release of ORCID  (Open Researcher and Contributor ID), where researchers can distinguish themselves by creating a unique personal identifier. Two Digital Science companies are launch partners on the project, Symplectic and figshare

Accurate identification of researchers and their work is growing in importance as researchers look to get credit for all of their research and track their ever-growing volume and diversity of academic outputs.

Other researcher identifier systems are currently in use serving specific populations or types of research work. ORCID does not compete with these systems, but rather provides a switchboard for crosslinking.  Elsevier’s Scopus system and Thomson Reuters’ ResearcherID® will both link to ORCID and allow users to synchronize their publication information between the two systems.

ORCID addresses a problem shared by individuals and organizations across the research community: reliably connecting research with researchers,” said Laure Haak, Executive Director of the non-profit ORCID organization.  “But ORCID is more than a Registry, it is a community effort to embed these identifiers in research workflows.

figshare and Symplectic are in good company with the following launch partners all implementing the service as of today:

• American Physical Society
• Aries Systems
• Boston University
• California Institute of Technology
• CrossRef
• Elsevier
• Faculty of 1000
• figshare

• Hindawi Publishing Corporation
• KNODE, Inc.
• Nature Publishing Group
• SafetyLit
• Symplectic
• Thomson Reuters
• ImpactStory
• Wellcome Trust

figshare will be using ORCID in several ways. As of today, you can link your figshare account to your ORCID id. This enables us to populate your profile with your research publications and push your figshare publically available research outputs to ORCID, should you wish. This functionality will be rolling out in the coming weeks.

You can sign up for an ORCID account when you sign up to figshare here, or through your profile here, when logged in.

As always, feedback, comments, suggestions and ideas are welcomed. Please get in touch with the Figshare team at or via twitter, facebook or google+.