After some very successful private beta testing, open data platform figshare
is happy to announce the public beta release of our API. A big part of figshare
’s goal is to allow the simple distribution of research outputs and the ability to build on top of the research in an efficient manner.

This is what the API is for. You can push data to figshare
, or pull data out. This first version is a basic implementation that allows you to manage your figshare
account or build applications on top of the figshare
platform and public research. We will continue to develop the API and add new cool stuff like resumable uploads and more advanced search filters.

To start creating applications on top of the figshare
data, log in to your account and click ‘Applications’. You can check out the API documentation available at

Now that the API is ticked, we can continue to develop new and existing features to make things even better. As usual, feedback is always welcomed as researchers help to shape what we become. You can get in touch with us via at or via twitter, facebook or google+.