Figshare partners with Atypon making it easier for publishers to deal with data and other research filetypes
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Figshare are happy to announce a partnership with the academic publisher platform Atypon. Figshare already provides content visualisation and storage services to publishers such as PLOS and Nature Publishing Group. By partnering with Atypon, these features are now readily available for implementation at their publisher clients.

Publishers on Literatum 14.1, the newest generation of Atypon’s flagship platform for professional and scholarly publishers, can now embed tables, datasets, videos, and other supplemental material from Figshare on article pages in Literatum. First implemented for Taylor & Francis, this new service enables users to view supplemental information hosted by Figshare alongside the article in Literatum via the Figshare widget, which renders the supplemental material on the publisher’s website. Users who visit this article on Taylor & Francis Online, for example, can watch a related video hosted by Figshare and embedded on the page.

In addition to enhancing article pages on the publisher’s site, Figshare also provides publishers with their own Figshare portal where users can browse and filter the supplemental material based on the type of data and the impact. The content is also easily discoverable from search engines. This gives academics other ways to find datasets, videos and other research outputs in their research area that may have previously been hidden in the supplemental data.

Taylor & Francis’s Figshare portal currently hosts over 1,400 supplemental files. Every file is easily citable with a DataCite DOI allocated at the point of publication and stored under a Creative Commons License.

“We are excited to facilitate Figshare integration in Literatum for Taylor & Francis,” said Jonathan Hevenstone, Senior VP of Business Development at Atypon. “We look forward to supporting other publishers who are interested in this service.” 

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“Supplementary information is critical to the research process, and figshare’s service allows us to make this material discoverable to our users, ” said Gillian Howcroft, Director of eProducts at Taylor & Francis. “We are pleased to collaborate with Figshare and Atypon to roll out this valuable service on Taylor & Francis Online.”

If you would like to see more about enhancing the content on your publisher platform, you can check out the publisher offerings page on Figshare.