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Ahead of Open Data Day, Figshare is pleased to announce their partnership with Frontiers, a leading Open Science platform. This broadens the types of supplementary data that can be included with Frontiers articles and enhances the visualization, discoverability, citation and sharing of research data outputs. The new service – which is provided at no extra charge to authors – also helps Frontiers authors to satisfy institutional and funder requirements for open and FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) data.

Supplementary data uploaded through the Frontiers platform will be automatically transferred to Figshare upon publication and visualized directly in the article through an integrated widget that displays spreadsheets, images, graphs, videos and other data types. This allows readers to more easily view supplementary material.

All research outputs uploaded through the Frontiers platform are also viewable on a Frontiers data portal hosted by Figshare. All uploaded research outputs are citable and have a Digital Object Identifier (DOI), allowing authors to see views, downloads, citations and Altmetric information for their research outputs. The user-friendly website also facilitates the discovery, sharing and reuse of research outputs.

Kamila Markram, CEO and Co-Founder, Frontiers said:

“Open research data is the foundation of accelerated knowledge creation. The Figshare tools will allow our authors to easily comply with their data deposition requirements and – more importantly – improve the presentation and discoverability of their datasets as well as make it easier to find the datasets of other researchers.”

Mark Hahnel, CEO and Founder, Figshare said:

“We are pleased to announce that Figshare has partnered with Frontiers on helping to present and showcase their research data outputs. Through these efforts we hope to improve data discoverability and reuse.”

The partnership supports Frontiers’ Open Science philosophy of open access to research articles and FAIR data.