This week, Wiley announced the adoption of Altmetric for all of its 1500+ journals on Wiley Online Library. 

Following a six-month pilot of Altmetric last year for their open access journals, Wiley conducted a survey of their end-users. Among the positive feedback that helped them make the decision to adopt Altmetric across all journals, 77% of respondents felt that article metrics enhance the value of a journal article and 87% responded that they felt article metrics help them gauge the popularity of a journal article.

Altmetric will now be offered to their communities of readers and researchers. As a result, they’ve launched an unofficial “Almetric week” this week. This past Tuesday (launch day) started with a….donut (both the breakfast and the Altmetric variety). First, there was a press release to media outlets followed by a blog post announcing the launch on the Wiley Exchanges blog. Subsequent Altmetric-related blog posts include an interview with Altmetric Vice President of Academic and Research Relations, Amy Brand, and the Altmetric founder video from Euan Adie which will be published on Friday.

At the same time, there is a major Twitter campaign underway to spread word of this new partnership. Not only is the @WileyExchanges Twitter feed tweeting about the launch (using tantalizing-looking donuts) and promoting the related blog posts, but other Twitter accounts from a diverse array of research communities such as Wiley Molecular Biology (@molecular, 22.5k followers) and Wiley Anthropology (@WB_Anthropology, over 7k followers) are taking to the opportunity to tweet about Altmetric as well. And of course, the Digital Science (@digitalsci) and Altmetric (@Altmetric) Twitter accounts are joining in too.  

Don’t forget to spread the word that Altmetric is now available across all Wiley journals!Altmetrc Wiley