This year has been an incredibly busy and productive one for Digital Science and our portfolio companies!

Not only did we turn four years old, we took part in an ice bucket challenge, made a very fun Christmas video, as well as some more serious stuff of course. If you want to hear more serious highlights, you can check out Timo Hannay’s birthday blog post which covers a lot!

To celebrate the New Year, in traditional Digital Science style we have collated a top-ten list of our 2014 highlights! It’s been incredibly hard to condense this down – but we’ve given it a go!

In no particular order…

  1. Altmetric launched their institutional tool, Altmetric for Institutions, in June 2014 – and have already seen it adopted by over 15 institutions from the UK, Europe, Australia and the US.
  2. WriteLaTeX were crowned Innovative Internet Business of 2014 at the Nominet Internet Awards in the same month they hit the exciting milestone of 100,000 users.
  3. BioRAFT released the “Einsteinium” version of the BioRAFT solution, with new functionality in chemical volume tracking, laboratory access control, and improved dashboards for institutional leadership and administrative reporting.
  4. Over 8 million people used ReadCube to read, discover and manage their literature in 2014. ReadCube readers spent over 140 years worth of reading articles, which is over 11.5 years each month! See this INFOGRAPHIC for more stats.
  5. The USDA, Agricultural Research Service and National Agricultural Library selected Symplectic as their research information management provider.
  6. We kicked off October with the launch of our new blogging platform and the blog was kept very active with lots of interesting and exciting new posts focussed on issues around women in STEM to tie in with Ada Lovelace Day.
  7. The ÜberResearch team gained the trust of 23 development partners to embark on a journey to define the next generation of portfolio analysis, comparison and planning tool for science funders – culminating in the official non-beta version of Dimensions for Funders!
  8. Digital Science’s Consultancy division began a new project to analyse the wider impact of the research undertaken by UK universities as commissioned by HEFCE
  9. In 2014, Labguru added 67 new features and improvements. Read all about them on their change log here.
  10. Figshare announced their first customers of the research data management platform Figshare for institutions, Loughborough University, Monash University andStockholm University.

Overall, 2014 has been a fantastic year, but we know 2015 will be even better! Happy New Year everyone!

Happy NY