Today Digital Science is three years old! How time flies when you’re having fun!

Digital Science launched on the 7th December 2010 as a new business division of Macmillan Publishers. Since then, we have grown from a company with just three portfolio companies to over nine.

The past three years have flown by and the explosion of new technologies means that modern academic practices are transforming, and Digital Science is at the forefront of this change. 

Our tools and products aim to lend a helping hand throughout the scientific research cycle, providing alternatives which alleviate (or eliminate) the time-consuming tasks of the past. Simplifying workflows is helping to change academic practices, but inefficiencies in the research process still exist and there is of course room for new tools to be developed. 

At Digital Science, we want to smooth the way for the partnership of technology and science, but we are just at the beginning of our journey.Yes, we are three years in and celebrating this milestone, but as we progress into the next three years we will undoubtedly have many more reasons for celebration.

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