Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 14.01.10Health Affairs, the leading journal at the intersection of health, health care, and policy, today announces the integration of Altmetric badges into their Health Affairs journal, hosted on the HighWire platform.

This integration will allow authors and readers of the content to instantly see what people are saying about the published articles in public policy documents, mainstream news and social media, and post-publication peer-review forums.

The Health Affairs team will also be utilizing the web-based Altmetric Explorer application to explore and report on the altmetrics data surrounding all of their publications. Offering advanced filtering and search functionality, the Altmetric Explorer surfaces altmetrics data for any published article, dataset or other research output that Altmetric have picked up a mention of online.

Commenting on the new tools, Ann Link, Deputy Publisher at Health Affairs says,

“We aim to offer our authors and readers the best value and publishing experience. Providing them with the Altmetric data for each article will offer valuable context and further insight into the way the research has been received beyond academia. Being able to analyze and report on this internally will help us to identify new opportunities for outreach and further content distribution.”

Altmetric Founder Euan Adie adds,

“Publishers are increasingly making use of our tools in their reporting and analysis to better inform their content, marketing and communications strategy. Furthermore, recent surveys have shown that adding altmetrics data to a journal platform positively impacts on the perception of the publication and the likelihood of submitting articles amongst researchers.”

The Altmetric data is visible now on Health Affairs articles.