Our colleagues at 1DegreeBio today released their 2012 Antibody Sourcing and Usage Report, a comprehensive report surveying 400 life scientists on their antibody purchasing habits and practices.

The report showed signs of growth in usage levels, with 94% of the respondents claiming they plan on increasing or sustain current antibody usage. With that said, 48% reported that half of the products they’ve worked on were of insufficient quality, highlighting a systemic issue in antibody sourcing.

1DegreeBio is working to help with this efficacy problem, pairing vendor listings with reviews of the products, providing users with more information regarding the efficacy of the product so they can make an educated decision before hitting “buy”. The report echoed support for similar peer review avenues with approaches such as colleague recommendations, as well as journal and independent reviews ranking highest for use in product sourcing.

“These results show that the culture of peer review that dominates the scientific world also shapes the way this community evaluates products,” says Alex Hodgson, CEO of 1DegreeBio. “As with journals, not all review sources are considered equal.”

The 28-page report is available for purchase off 1DegreeBio’s website. For the full release, visit our Latest News section.