This week, Silverchair Information Systems (Silverchair) announced the launch of the Silverchair Universe, a new framework for rapidly integrating complementary products and services with the Silverchair Platform.

“There are an exploding number of innovative independent features and services that are designed to enhance scientific and scholarly publishers’ core online platform.  Rather than integrating them one-by-one we organized the Silverchair Universe to create a fast and centralized way to bring publishers and partners together. The Silverchair Universe is essentially the ‘App Store’ of the Silverchair Platform.”

said Silverchair Chief Product Officer Jake Zarnegar.

Silverchair Universe partner features are proactively incorporated into standard page templates and site configuration tools, allowing Silverchair to offer efficient activation for standard integrations (even DIY activation) and thus eliminating common hurdles and delays.

The Silverchair Universe program includes specific qualification criteria for independent products and service partners in the areas of security, performance, accessibility, and more—ensuring that each partner meets the core requirements of publishers.

The expansive coverage area of the Silverchair Universe includes content enrichment, marketing, advertising, analytics and business intelligence, author services, discovery and linking, e-commerce, archiving, content sharing, authoring, and more.

The initial group of Silverchair Universe partners include a collection of our portfolio companies:AltmetricFigshareReadCubePeerWith, & ÜberResearch. 

Our companies join GVPi, Hypothesis, Meta, PaperHive, Redlink, Remarq, ScholarlyIQ, TrendMD, Unsilo and Zapnito.

To find out more you can read the official press announcement here.