In a move that will boost open drug discovery, SureChem has deposited more than eight million chemical compounds into PubChem, the first time that any patent chemistry database has been made publicly available in its entirety. More than half of these are novel to PubChem – the world’s primary public chemistry database – providing a rich new source of medicinally relevant compounds for researchers worldwide. Users can view patents related to SureChem data in PubChem through links provided to SureChemOpen, a free patent chemistry search resource.

This data deposition is key part of SureChem’s mission to integrate patent chemistry into the online research community, enabling access to wider range of users. SureChem is also linked to the free ChemSpider database as well as chemical structure data in Royal Society of Chemistry journals. More links to other public and proprietary resources will follow in 2013.

For more information on the PubChem deposition, visit the SureChem blog or read today’s press release

The SureChem patent chemistry line of products is an internal offering from Digital Science. SureChemOpen offers basic free patent chemistry search and document viewing. SureChemDirect provides batch access to its complete chemistry and full text data collection, enabling integration of patent chemistry with internal workflows and databases. Professional and frequent searchers will soon have access to SureChemPro, and end user tool that provides powerful search, export and analysis tools. For more information, visit