SureChem, our patent chemistry product line, today launches a new enterprise product called ‘SureChemDirect’. The tool will provide API access to the content that powers SureChem: patent full text and metadata currently comprising 12 million structures, 90 million patent abstracts and full text records from US, European and WIPO patent authorities. SureChemDirect enables customers to incorporate sophisticated chemical patent search into their workflows, perform batch services on their own platforms, and enhance their internal databases. The announcement was made in line with this week’s American Chemical Society (ACS) meeting in Philadelphia, where the team is exhibiting and presenting.

SureChemDirect is the second product released in the SureChem product line, following the launch of SureChemOpen last March, their free portal for researchers. Both aid in making patent chemistry search (think: early stage drug development) more streamlined and approachable for researchers and businesses alike, putting high-powered tools and databases into the hands of those who use them.

The underlying technology works to make patent chemistry less painful and less reliant on brittle string matching and text string searches by allowing chemists to search how they think – in chemical structures – the interface allowing users to actually *draw* chemical structures and sift through the database that way. This functionality, paired with highly curated underlying content, makes for an extremely powerful tool – with that premium content now available for use via SureChemDirects’s API access. 

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