116 Tandf LogoWe’re happy to announce today Figshare’s new partnership to aid the visualisation of different types of data across Taylor and Francis journals. Figshare will host the supplemental data as well as provide a widget that will enable Taylor and Francis users to view data in the articles in the browser alongside the content.

“We’re delighted to be able to bring this innovative service to authors and to anyone with an interest in research, whether they are working within or outside the academic and scientific communities” said David Green, Global Publishing Director for Journals at Taylor & Francis. 

“Using Figshare will enable us to make supplementary material, which is fundamental to the research process, discoverable to all, in as usable a fashion as possible. Simply by keying in a simple term to a search engine users will be able to unearth a wealth of data, aiding future research and increasing the visibility of authors’ work.”

The growing diversity of research outputs has meant that publishers are looking for new ways to incorporate different file types into the research article. The partnership not only enhances content in Taylor and Francis publications, it also provides a portal where the content can be browsed and filtered based on the type of data and the impact. This gives academics a good way to find datasets, videos and other research outputs in their research area that may have previously been hidden in the supplemental data.116 T And F Screenshot

“We have a vision to change the face of academic publishing with the improved dissemination and discoverability of all scholarly research and content” said Mark Hahnel, founder of Figshare. “It’s a privilege to be partnering with such a forward–thinking publisher as Taylor & Francis.”

If you have published in Taylor and Francis journals before, there is a really good chance that your research outputs will now be on Figshare. The good news is that you can add these to your profile and get all of the metrics added to your account. To claim an article on Figshare, simply log in, navigate to your articles and click ‘claim article’ at the top.

The press release announcing the partnership with Taylor and Francis can be found here.