At Digital Science we want to hear your innovative scientific software ideas. If you’ve got an idea to help further scientific research, then we’ve got the funding and resources to make it happen. The next deadline for the Catalyst Grant is November 15th, which is this Saturday, so now is the time to apply! The next deadline after that won’t be until May 15th 2015. Discover how the Grant launched one of the world’s most powerful data scientists.

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We’re looking for the best and brightest innovators in scientific software to help you get your ideas off the ground.

We like original, early stage ideas that make scientific research and research management more efficient. Your idea can build on existing technologies and standards, rather than trying to replace or reinvent existing ones, and we prefer products and systems that are open rather than proprietary.


We offer grants of up to £15,000 to help you take your idea from concept to prototype. Along with funding, we also offer the opportunity to work with the Digital Science team to refine and develop your innovation. Funds can be used for any purpose that serves the project, including equipment purchases, software licensing, travel and reasonable living expenses.

The anticipated run time for funded projects is six months, and recipients are required to present their final work to our team. We do not claim any intellectual-property rights in your application or prevent you from working with other collaborators or investors. Do let us know if you intend to commercialise your idea.


To apply, send us a proposal of a max of 1,500 words (with diagrams) including the following:

  • a description of the product or innovation
  • an explanation of how it would benefit scientific research
  • background information, including competitor information
  • a timetable for its development
  • a budget breakdown and how you would spend the funds

We will consider applications twice within the year:
15 November 2014 & 15 May 2015



We rigorously evaluate applications and aim to get back to you with an initial response within three weeks.

Applicants who pass this stage will be invited to present their idea to the Digital Science team. This can be done remotely (phone or video conference) or in person at our office in London. Following this, we will make our final decision.

Priority will be given to applicants who we perceive to have limited access to other sources of funding, whose ideas are truly innovative or who make the strongest case on how to make effective use of the grant. It’s that simple.