Dimensions4funders 266pxToday we are pleased to announce that ÜberResearch, a leading software developer for research funding organisations, has launched Dimensions for Funders, a cloud based business intelligence application coupled with a global database of funded research projects.

Dimensions for Funders will allow funding organisations, non-profits and governmental institutions globally to search, categorise and analyse grant, publication and researcher databases for reporting and decision making. This will give a unique view of the $750+ billion of research, so that standardised decision analytics for research funding organisations can become a reality.

It will provide scientific research funding organisations with analytical and comparative funding information in order to provide a clear picture of the global R&D landscape for any possible area of research. The software will also allow funders to compare overlaps between proposals and prior awards and assign peer reviewers based on publication and grant history, calling on more than three million investigator profiles with publication and grant data combined.

With more than $600 billion of historical funding data and $150 billion of live research projects from more than 60 funders, the growing database will allow grant-funding agencies to track researcher publication and funding activities post-award. The product addresses the major needs funders have such as: portfolio analysis, portfolio comparison with other funder’s portfolio and impact reporting.


Image 1 – Exemplary screenshots: All research projects for ‘malaria’.

Christian Herzog, CEO of ÜberResearch says:

“The solution is unlike anything available in the industry. Our experienced team has helped some of the largest global funding organisations tackle these challenges, and our goal was to make these capabilities affordable and standardised for even the smallest funding agency.” 

The ÜberResearch team spent more than a decade working on these solutions for the world’s largest funders, publishers, and research institutions.

“Historically a deep and informed view on research funding was only available to customised projects for very large organisations,”
explains Herzog.

With Dimensions for Funders, the company has taken the best capabilities of these solutions, made them simple, standardised and cloud-based, and affordable to every funding organisation, whatever their size.