Our portfolio company Overleaf recently announced a partnership with Virginia Tech’s University Libraries to provide students, faculty and staff with Overleaf Pro+Teach accounts.

Premium Overleaf accounts and customized writing templates have been made available to all students, faculty and staff via a custom Virginia Tech authoring portal on the Overleaf website. Virginia Tech’s University Libraries aim to provide students and faculty with cutting-edge authoring technology, easy-to-use Virginia Tech authoring templates and eventually a simplified workflow for submitting to VTechWorks, Virginia Tech’s institutional repository.

A few of the features that influenced Virginia Tech’s libraries to move forward with Overleaf include: easy collaboration with multiple co-authors; version control and full-project history with easy revert; custom journal templates with journal-specific 1-click submission, and templates that allow professors to distribute and collect homework assignments.

Peter Potter, Director of Publishing Strategy at Virginia Tech’s University Libraries, says:

“Our faculty and students tell us again and again that they want easy-to-use tools that fit seamlessly into their increasingly technology-enhanced research and teaching. Overleaf is one of those tools, and we are delighted to be able to offer it to the Virginia Tech community through Overleaf Pro accounts. Early feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and we continue to be impressed by the steady growth in both sign-ups and projects worked on.”

John Hammersley, Co-founder and CEO of Overleaf says:

“We’re really excited to be working with Virginia Tech. Their enthusiasm and forward- thinking attitude to provide enhanced technology and simplified authoring tools for their students and faculty make them a perfect partner.”

You can read the official announcement over on the Overleaf blog.