Join Kaitlin Thaney and Alistair Croll for this special online event, “Data in Motion”, part of theStrata Conference series run by O’Reilly Media. Kaitlin and Alistair will be joined by colleagues who will give their take on the month’s topic, as well as, in some cases, a sneak peak as to what’s in store for this October’s Strata Conference in London, which Kaitlin is co-chairing. Guests include representatives from Twitter, the University of Cambridge, those speaking on the history of railroads, the science of airline information, and even Formula 1 data. Trust us, you won’t want to miss this.

The event is free to join and starts at 2 pm BST. Keep an eye out for news of future OLCs in the coming months. For more on Strata Conference in London, taking place this October, visit the event website or contact Kaitlin. You can also follow the coverage on Twitter at #strataconf or from Alistair (@acroll) and Kaitlin (@kaythaney).