Digital Science is delighted to be collaborating with Google, O’Reilly Media and Nature to organise the  10th annual Science Foo Camp (“Sci Foo” for short). Each year, the event brings together 250 people from around the world who are doing groundbreaking work in diverse areas of science and technology.

The event is invite only and includes researchers, technologists, writers, educators, artists, policy makers, investors and other thought leaders for a weekend of unbridled discussion, demonstration and debate.

Foo Camp is an informal conference format pioneered by O’Reilly Media, a leading book publisher and event organiser in the field of information technology. There is no predefined agenda, instead attendees collaboratively create one, with little if any boundaries as to what can be discussed.

Sci Foo has gained cult status among those with a passion for science and technology. Sci Foo Camper Lord Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal, remarked,

“Well I suppose it’s what you call a happening or a sort of mini Woodstock of the Mind as it were, and what I learnt from this is exciting developments in a whole range of subjects, particularly from people whom one doesn’t normally encounter. I think it’s very important to realize that intellectual activity is not just what one’s academics do, it’s what many other people do.”

The event is invite only but we’re always keen to hear from you, so do get in touch if you’d like to find out more.