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Writefull Master Class: Create your perfect article using Writefull

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10th June 2021
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Using language models trained on millions of refereed and published journal articles and billions of academic language expressions from all academic domains, Writefull helps to structure the text, correct grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and more. Using the latest AI-based algorithms, Writefull walks the author from A to Z of the writing process. The language feedback is uniquely tailored to peculiarities of scientific & academic writing. With Word add-in, an Overleaf extension, and a web-based Revise and Cite toolkit, Writefull is there assisting students and researchers to write more accurately and confidently, saving time, increasing productivity, fostering academic success and publications in the best journals.

In this webinar, you will hear about the background and technology behind Writefull, how Writefull helps students and researchers with their academic writing, and see a demo of all four Writefull tools. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions to the Writefull team during a Q&A session.


  • Juan Castro, PhD, co-founder at Writefull
  • Igor Osipov, PhD, VP Academic & Enterprise
  • Hilde van Zeeland, PhD, Applied Linguist at Writefull
  • Mélodie Garnier, PhD, Applied Linguist at Writefull
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