Here’s what to include in your Catalyst Grant proposal template


●      Describe the company/product/ idea and its potential in a few sentences.


●      Describe the founders, their background and key people in the rest of the team along with any advisors.

●      Why did you pick this idea to work on? Do you have domain expertise in this area?

Problem & Solution

●      Describe the problem you are solving and outline how you are solving it.


●      Describe your product and link to any additional info on the product.

●      How mature is the product? How many customers/users (if any) do you currently have?

●      What is your pricing model?

●      What is the long term vision?


●      How are your customers currently solving the problem?

●      Who are your competitors? What size and stage are they at?

●      How are you different – what is your competitive advantage and unique selling points? Please include URLs where available.


●      What is the market size? Describe your core market and the other potential areas to expand into.

●      How do you plan to acquire new customers and retain existing ones?

Progress to date

●      What is the current stage of the business? Do you have any financials?

●      What steps have you taken to validate the market?

●      What is your expected future growth rate? Do you have a forecast?