We’re looking for a developer with great frontend skills.

Altmetric analyses the online activity around scholarly content to measure the broader impact of science and research. We deliver and support products such as the Altmetric details pagesAltmetric Explorer and the Altmetric badges. Our customers include institutions and publishers across the world, including publishers such as Springer Nature, Wiley, Taylor & Francis, the University of Cambridge, and Carnegie Mellon University.

We develop software in a friendly and flexible working environment, processing hundreds of thousands of scholarly mentions and serving over 40 million API requests every day.

We’re currently based at Kings Place, in Kings Cross. As a portfolio company of Digital Science, we share our office with other scientific start-ups including figshare, Overleaf & Symplectic.

You’ll need production experience with:

  • Web applications using Ruby and the Ruby on Rails framework;
  • React or another Javascript framework, including related software like Webpack;
  • Automated testing, especially with regards to testing Javascript frontends;
  • Software development in a team working with project owners and other stakeholders

Although not strictly necessary for the role, experience with designing the UI for complex web applications is a huge plus.

Ultimately, we’re looking for people who are keen to learn and flexible in their approach. You will be part of a team responsible for the development and maintenance of our user-facing web applications. Using best practices, you will continuously deliver our products to customers around the globe and shape our engineering culture.

Examples of our recent projects include:

  • Developing a new version of our flagship product the Altmetric Explorer in React, allowing it to be asynchronous and load what the user needs much faster
  • Creating an attractive dashboard in the Altmetric Explorer platform for our customers to see the most important highlights of their online attention, pulling from a number of different endpoints and sources;
  • Building the Altmetric details pages, which have to clearly and effectively present hundreds of mentions over a dozen attention sources;
  • Refreshing our incredibly popular Top 100 website each year;
  • Building an easy-to-use wizard that allows customers to upload their publications, custom departments, and authors via CSV spreadsheets into the Altmetric Explorer.

Development team

Our development team is divided into multidisciplinary product teams, each empowered to deploy to our infrastructure multiple times a day. We hold weekly “gatherings” across the whole development team to keep everyone informed and to discuss any bigger issues that affect multiple project teams.

Teams typically work in two week iterations, seeking feedback early and often so that we can respond to change quickly. At the end of every iteration, we hold reviews and retrospectives so that we can share completed work and discuss changes to our way of working.

Life at Altmetric

As a company, work-life balance is very important to us: we have flexible working hours and our teams are setup to enable people to regularly work from home.

In order to create time for personal development, we hold “Hackdays” each month for team members to explore new topics and technologies and work with people outside their usual product team.

We offer a competitive market rate salary and all members of the team are provided with a MacBook Pro (we are happy to discuss your requirements before you join) and have an annual training & conference budget including international travel. We are users of open source software and we support this in any way we can. We also offer company benefits such as a personal pension plan, life assurance cover and a travel/bike loan or similar benefits, depending on your location.

If this role interests you, please apply here.