London, UK and Boston, USA – 22nd May 2013:

Digital Science today launched Projects – the only desktop software designed specifically for scientific researchers that enables them to organise their research outputs in a safe, simple and structured way. For the first time dedicated, scientifically-relevant features have been brought together in one product, helping academic researchers keep track, save time and get ahead with their research.

“Digital Science was founded to make research more efficient through the better use of technology,” explained Timo Hannay, Managing Director. “Academic research communities have repeatedly told us that their information tools are inadequate, acting as a barrier to the uncovering and validating of scientific discoveries. This unmet need has been the driving force behind the development of Projects – Digital Science’s first fully home-grown software solution.”

Projects ( will equip researchers with the ability to:

  • View a unique chronological visual timeline of their research activity and more easily find their important files
  • Manually or automatically take “snapshots” of their work to seamlessly restore previous versions of files
  • Store their data files in a simple organized way within a handy desktop drive, which can be easily shared or synchronized with remote backup services
  • Flag, star and take notes on their data files to distinguish important files and to optimize search results

Mark Hahnel, Product Owner for Projects and Founder of Figshare explained, “Projects will fill a critical gap in an academic researcher’s arsenal of desktop tools. It will aid researchers at the starting point of the research data lifecycle and ensure all their work can be attributed from the outset, avoiding any issues regarding the provenance of research in the long run. We’re really excited about the development roadmap for Projects, which will shortly integrate fully into our community-driven open data project figshare, to ensure every scientific researcher gains credit for all their research.”

Projects will initially be available for Mac users. Files can be accessed from Finder or other Mac applications and can be easily shared or synchronized with remote back-up options. Users can take advantage of a free 30-day trial and an introductory purchase price of £20 for academics.