LONDON – 10 December 2012

SureChem, a patent chemistry product line of Digital Science, today announced that it has deposited more than eight million unique chemical structures into PubChem, the world’s largest free public chemistry database. This is the first time that the complete collection of structures for a patent chemistry data source has been made publicly available. Of the total, more than four million of these structures are novel to PubChem, giving chemical researchers access to a vast new source of medicinally relevant compounds. The SureChem deposition also pushes the total number of chemical compounds available there to more than 46 million and substances to more than 116 million.

“This deposition significantly expands the amount of novel chemistry available in the public domain, enabling open drug discovery, medicinal chemistry and non-life-sciences chemistry research,” said Nicko Goncharoff, head of Text Mining at Digital Science. “This opens a valuable resource that had previously been locked away behind data silos and pay-walls.” More details on the deposition are available on the SureChem blog.

The deposition will link from the structures in PubChem back to related patents in SureChemOpen, a free access option for researchers that enables them to search and view patent literature. This unique service integrates patent chemistry into the online scientific research community, enabling the linking of patents with other key public and commercial chemistry data sources.

SureChem’s chemical structure data can also be accessed via ChemSpider, a free chemical database held by the Royal Society of Chemistry. Together with PubChem, these two databases are now the Internet’s main chemistry hubs. The result is a growing web of interconnected free data, offering a new alternative to researchers.

SureChem offers a suite of patent chemistry data solutions developed and operated by Digital Science, a division of Macmillan Publishers Ltd. SureChem products address the functionality, data access and licensing needs of users across the scientific and professional information community. SureChemOpen offers scientific researchers a fast and free search facility for chemical structures and patents; SureChem Direct provides a powerful direct data offering, delivering SureChem batch structure and full text search via an API. SureChemPro, available in early 2013, will offer a powerful, but easy-to-use web-based solution for frequent, professional users.

Digital Science is a division of Macmillan Publishers Ltd., launched in December 2010 to provide technology solutions for researchers. Along with SureChem, Digital Science offers a range of technology and content solutions for scientific researchers. From intelligent knowledge discovery tools to software applications for the laboratory and decision-support systems for managers, Digital Science combines world-class technology with a resolute focus on scientists and those who support the research process.

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