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  • Manage your research in the cloud and control who you share it with, or make it publicly available and get more citations for all of your outputs.

  • Automatically populate your CV with your research activities and showcase your collaborations and expertise with public profiles.

  • Labguru makes it easy to work with researchers inside and outside of your lab by pulling together protocols, materials, results, and fresh ideas.

  • Discover the most relevant research and access it quickly, track funding in your field and see the impacts of your research and that of your peers.

  • Deploy private patent databases in the cloud, or inside the corporate firewall.

  • Bring your papers to life by reading, managing and discovering new literature like never before.

  • Track and demonstrate the reach and influence of your work to key stakeholders.


  • The easiest way to collaboratively write, edit and publish your research.

  • Improve your written English with instant academic language suggestions.

  • Get matched to jobs in biotech companies where your skills will do all the talking.

  • Rapidly check your pre-print manuscripts to improve the transparency of reporting your research.

  • Gigantum makes developing, sharing, and extending data driven science and data science easier than ever before.

  • Easily create and maintain your grant applications with help from a range of user-friendly features.


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