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Get credit for and manage the impact of your research


Make sure you understand the impact your research is having and get credit for everything you do

If you’ve been working for years gathering lots of data, you want to make sure that you get credit for all of your efforts and all of that time spent in the lab. Importantly, you also want to see what impact your efforts are having in the media and beyond; impact assessment of research is also central to scholarly communication.

Our free tools can make sure you get credit for all of your hard work and give you a bigger picture of your impact.


Get credit within your lab group using Labguru to keep track and manage your workflow. Allow people in your lab to see what you are working on, your experimental planning and your research goals. Labguru makes it easy to share your results by creating a searchable repository of experimental data.




Figshare allows you to make all your research outputs searchable, shareable and citable so you can get credit for all of your work. See the impact this is having by watching the number of shares and downloads.




Altmetric allows you to discover the online impact of your intellectual output. Get started in seconds with easy-to-use, instant altmetrics. Browse relevant discussions around your research from Twitter, Facebook, science blogs, mainstream news outlets and many more sources.



With Symplectic Elements you can more effectively capture your scholarly activities within your institution. Use it to collect, unify and showcase your own scholarly activities – get recognition for your own work. Elements automates the capture of data and includes tools to generate yourself a CV and feed your own public-facing profile page.




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