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Save time writing up and submit your work for publishing more easily


Collaborate easily with colleagues when writing up and submit your paper using the correct journal template already set up for you in the Overleaf tool.

One of the most frustrating things about submitting your work for publishing is making sure you have your document in the correct journal template and in the required formats. It’s so time consuming making sure everything is in place, sticking to specific guidelines.

With tools like Overleaf which are integrated into many publishers editorial workflow, it means you can submit your papers using a template. This makes a traditionally a time consuming process super carefree.



Overleaf is designed to provide researchers with the tools to effectively submit, and manage an article through to publication. You can also submit updated versions of your papers, and the differences will be displayed. Alongside your publication you can submit all figures, appendices and other files. Even better, this process enables editors to immediately assess your submission, which in turn means they can provide you with rapid feedback.


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