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Track publications around the SDGs

Erasmus University Rotterdam uses Dimensions to support their new strategic initiative to make a positive societal impact through research, as measured by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Establish effective technology transfer

The Ohio Department of Higher Education and six universities from across the State of Ohio launched the Ohio Innovation Exchange. This web-based portal provides a next-generation mechanism for increased collaboration between Ohio’s universities and industries. Built upon technology from across Digital Science’s portfolios, the platform seeks to offer an information-driven solution to facilitate industry collaborations.

“Features in Dimensions added further value to the project. Citation data and Altmetric scores give insight to the popularity of the published research.”

Tung Tung Chan, Research Intelligence Advisor

Facilitate the growth of a research portfolio

Find out how UC San Diego used Dimensions to answer 3 critical questions: Where is research funding going? What’s the connection between funding and publications? And who are their competitors in specific research disciplines?

A repository that handles both papers and data for open research

Find out how our tools have helped The Francis Crick Institute monitor their publications better, capture manuscripts earlier to add acknowledgements of grants and manage both papers and open data in their repository.

Roll out an all-in-one repository

Initially, Loughborough University implemented and configured figshare to be used as a data repository, eventually becoming an all-in-one repository that includes a wide range of research output types such as data, journal papers, theses and media.

Dimensions offers an easy way to see what a specific funding source has awarded, what publications have resulted, and how frequently those papers have been cited

Anne Maglia, Associate Vice Chancellor Research and Compliance

Prepare yourself for the REF

The UK’s Research Excellence Framework (REF) requires an enormous investment of time and effort from higher education institutions (HEIs) in preparing for the submission of their research for assessment nationally some tasks and requirements are clearly defined, others require HEIs institutions to think creatively and outside the box.

We can help

Gathering benchmarking insights, encouraging collaboration and tracking impact

Find out how The University of Cambridge used Altmetric data to quickly and easily see where Cambridge research was being applied in practice. Altmetric enabled Cambridge to benchmark its research in a number of ways – comparing, for example, the volume and type of mentions in policy documents versus those found in traditional journal citations.

Finding COVID-19 grant application reviewers using Dimensions data

This case study describes why and how the Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) from University of Florida used Dimensions to find reviewers for COVID-19 grant applications.

Apply Alternative metrics in the communication office

Find out how Duke, as a center of research excellence, ensures that they are building the profile of the institution and its faculty and use our tools to demonstrate and clearly
communicate to the public the outcomes of the work funded by taxpayer.

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