Together, we’re helping researchers make a difference.

We believe that new challenges facing research need a new approach.

An approach that improves information flows and creates seamless connections to better serve the whole of the research community: Researchers, funders, institutions, publishers, governments, laboratories and industry, so that they can discover new insights that benefit everyone.

We are driven to make this possible by our own experience as researchers; by our commitment to continually improve research practices through more intelligent tools; and by our knowledge of how it can and should be done.



Digital Science is a technology company serving the needs of scientific and research communities at key points along the full cycle of research. We invest in, nurture and support innovative businesses and technologies that make all parts of the research process more open, efficient and effective.

We believe that together, we can help researchers make a difference.


We’re on a mission

We’re a pioneering and disruptive company made up of open-minded, brave and collaborative people. We believe that we can change the scientific ecosystem by constantly challenging the way things are done.

We have a vision…

… of a future where a trusted, frictionless, collaborative research ecosystem drives progress for all.

We are from and for the research community

We serve a community that we understand. Many in our team started their careers as scientists so we know the daily challenges they face. But we go beyond this – we also work with institutions, funders and publishers to ensure they can better serve their own communities with technology that delights.



We’re investors in talent

We invest in and nurture promising start-ups in the research space. We’re unique in that we spot entrepreneurs with amazing talent and actively work with them to support their growth so that the research community can benefit from truly innovative scientific technology.
We also offer a Catalyst Grant programme which helps get early-stage ideas off the ground and bring them to life.



Scientific research is global and so are we

We talk to the global research community to understand their needs so we can help change the way science works from the ground up.

Our companies are based in the UK, USA, Israel, Australia, Romania and Germany.


Digital Science is part of Holtzbrinck, a global media company dedicated to science and education.

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