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Our vision is of a future where a trusted and collaborative research ecosystem drives progress for all. 

Discover how our AI-enabled solutions can provide valuable insights and solutions to support decision making across the entire research lifecycle – from strategy development, to impact measurement and showcasing.

How can we support you?

Access unrivalled data and insights to analyze the funding landscape, enhance decision making and address critical questions

Objectively pinpoint strengths, measure influence and deliver trustworthy information to help strengthen and elevate the influence of research recognition

Analyze awarded grants and pinpoint potential collaborators for more compelling grant applications

Integrate and optimize research workflows and effectively manage data to maximize funding and showcase results.

Navigate the research landscape to uncover new opportunities for academic and industry collaboration. Empower researchers to seamlessly collaborate and share their findings, fostering a dynamic and interconnected research community.

Better understand your research security risks, assess foreign influence, review potential research collaborations and be compliant to safeguard your institution’s reputation, its researchers and funding.

Empower and enhance transparency across the research ecosystem. Cultivate a knowledge sharing environment and provide robust support to researchers in light of mandates.

In partnership with EARMA, our panel will delve into the evolving open research landscape and look at how data captured throughout the research lifecycle can uncover insights and boat research impact

Latest insights

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How Carnegie Mellon University tracks SDGs using Symplectic Elements

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Research transformation

A new campaign from Digital Science looks at how research can transform society at large

Join the conversation: academic research transformation

We’re conducting a short survey to better understand how roles are evolving in academia, the challenges foreseen, and the impact that this is having on research transformation.

Join the conversation by completing our survey.

Your responses will remain anonymous, and the findings will be published in an upcoming Digital Science report.

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4th August 2024 | United States

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