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Digital Science serves hundreds of government agencies with data, tools, software, and expertise. From data-driven decisions for funding and research management, from advanced analytics to tools for finding peer reviewers, to software for research data management and grants management, we provide a full range of capabilities to serve a range of mission needs. 

Versatile solutions for government agencies

Configurable and integrated data, software, tools, and expertise to meet your needs

Global data, enriched and interlinked

  • Largest database of awarded grants with over 5 million records from over five hundred funders globally representing over US$1.6 trillion in grant awards and millions of researcher expertise profiles. For more information, see  
  • Over 116 million publications records linked to grants, patents and more, and with a range of metrics and indicators about publication activity.
  • Over 134 million patents records from more than ten dominant patent authorities; Clinical trial records harvested from a range of international clinical trial registries across policy documents, including Government guidelines, reports or white papers that were publications by independent policy institutes, advisory committees on specific topics, research institutes, and international development organizations; and 1.4 million datasets sourced from

The future of research security

Dimensions Research Security offers a vital solution for ensuring compliance and mitigating risks in federally funded research, addressing threats like foreign influence and intellectual property theft. With comprehensive data and purpose-built tools, Dimensions aids government, academia, and industry in protecting the integrity of research. 

Recent events, such as a drone technology collaboration with an Iranian university, highlight the importance of such measures. Dimensions provides an extensive collection of linked research data, facilitating quick assessments of researchers, collaborators, and funding sources. Its dashboard offers user-friendly control over essential data, aiding due diligence checks and strategic decision-making. 

By raising awareness of potential risks, Dimensions supports institutions in safeguarding against foreign influence and maintaining national security.

Defense and AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already having a significant impact on various sectors, particularly in defense, where AI-driven technologies can enhance capabilities and streamline workflows. While AI offers efficiency gains, concerns arise regarding weaponization, bias and job displacement. Despite these concerns, AI’s benefits, such as generative AI’s ability to create new materials, are evident.

The US, traditionally a leader in AI research, faces competition from China, necessitating accelerated innovation to maintain leadership. Key areas for AI advancement in defense include autonomous vehicles, cybersecurity and predictive analytics. Adapting to AI’s rapid evolution poses challenges for defense systems, requiring a balance between agility and long-term planning.

Digital Science offers support by providing access to vast research datasets and collaborating with AI solution providers. The launch of Dimensions Research GPT and its summarization feature exemplifies efforts to integrate AI into research platforms. The importance of investing in AI-embedded solutions and fostering partnerships for continued progress is not to be underestimated.

Advanced analysis

Our team of analysts and experts can assist with any type of custom analysis, from topic modeling to reporting, program evaluation to portfolio analysis, including automated reporting and enrichments to your existing data, classification and coding. Our support comes in many forms, from one-off analysis to onsite support for your teams.

Comply with open data policies

Digital Science leads open data initiatives that enable researchers to share and publish FAIR research data at any time. Figshare’s flexible data repository platform allows government agencies to manage research data securely and compliant with agency and federal requirements, with options for restricted publishing that allow for temporary embargos on content or different levels of access between public and private users.

Showcase Experts and Publications

Digital Science provides configurable solutions to efficiently manage and curate data about your most important assets – staff, experts, facilities & equipment, and awardees. We make it easy to combine your internal data with global data from us and others, to maintain a complete picture of your institution, that can be used internally, and shared and promoted externally.

Demonstrate, understand, and increase public engagement

For communications, education, engagement, outreach, public relations, and science policy offices – and if you manage a publication repository or data repository – whether you want to deep dive into the online attention for a single publication or a large group of research outputs, we can help display and assess the alternative metrics coming from news, blogs social media, policy, and citations.


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